Looking back on the year of art, design, and whimsicality, these are fifteen artists we thought were worth revisiting as we look forward to what's to come in 2011.

Naoko Ito captures small fragments of arboreal longing in a patchwork of assorted shapes and sizes.

Renaud Hallée actualizes the possible relationships between sound and math in color, form, and motion.

Luke Tyman invites an auditory and visual exploration into the planetary drifts in our solar system.

Ariel Schlesinger playfully toys with duality in objects and its ability to transform them.

Craig Colorusso allows the sun to be his conductor, and his boxes to be the conduit.

André Michelle's interactive canvas generates ambient play.

Olle Cornéer conflates agrarian work and sonic composition exposing the song of the earth.

Willy Verginer delightfully parses out the human body according to his own rules geometry and color.

Tim Knowles gives artistic voice to the oftentimes forgotten capabilities of other life forms.

Robert Barta turns inside out the notion of mundane solitude and adorns it in humor.

Kawashima Kotori
masterfully captures children's natural ability to defy seriousness.

Kumi Yamashita
conjures the faces of shadows in her origami as a modern puppeteer.

Laurent Laveder engages in lunar theatre exercises, performing minute dramas with hilarity.

Jason Hirata comically hyperbolizes the quotidian motions of plants.

Sharon Montrose's simple photographs put the emphasis on the immeasurable cuteness of her subjects.


sassy fashion photos with even sassier re-titles. funny if you don't care about fashion, tickling if you do.

take a look.


a cinematic portfolio leaving words behind.

take a look.


space is the place. space is the place. space is the place.

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navigating manliness via stop-motion collage and corresponding voices. the work of a friend, this video is truly impressive, considering it was done by hand. and to boot, he has a cool name.

take a look.

(thanks tim!)




hilarious paintings that 'double the cuteness.'

take a look.

(also check out her paintings of bill murray as other wes anderson characters here)


there is something funny about the Wikileaks facility looking like an underground bunker from an old James Bond movie. all they need is a metal-mouthed bad-ass to protect the entrance and they're set.

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The figure and form. Natural mimicry.

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and you thought time could never be spatial...tsk tsk.

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When in doubt, just breathe.

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Hilariously annoying work by Martin Arnold, a found footage enthusiast. He experiments with our conception of grammar and time by fiercely editing film into something both whimsical and unrecognizable.

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(thanks Brook!)


do we really have to explain to you why you should look at these ludicrously cute photographs?

take a look.


Peter Broderick "Music for Contemporary Dance" 2010